Hyndburn family race to save dog from going blind

3:02pm Friday 4th January 2013

By Dan Clough

A PAIR of animal lovers are in a race against time to raise about £500 to save a dog from going blind.

Mary and Gemma McCarthy, of Blackburn Road, Great Harwood, took in 18-month-old English bulldog Blaze as his previous owner couldn’t look after him.

The dog immediately settled in with the family, including six-year-old son JJ, after moving in a few weeks ago.

But they were devastated to discover the dog had a problem with his eyes that could mean he lost his sight in a matter of weeks.

Gemma, 26, said the fam-ily was desperate to keep Blaze alive.

She said: “We went to a house to buy some furn-iture and when we were there the woman had a dog in the back room.

“She said she was going to have it put down and I couldn’t bear that, so we took it home with us.

“We found out it had a problem with its eye and the vet said its eyelid was turning inside out, so the eyelashes were rubbing against the eye.

“They said that without treatment, it would go blind within weeks.

“But we’ve been told it will cost between £450 and £525.”

Mary, 27, said: “We have put pictures on lampposts with Blaze’s story, and how to donate.

“We want to do a raffle as well, but we need prizes for that.

“We just want to raise the money for his treat-ment, so we can keep him alive.

“It isn’t the dog’s fault it is in this position. He has just been really badly brought up.”

Mary said the dog had settled in well with the family, and would make a great family pet if it can be cured.

She said: “He is a big dog for a puppy really, but he is very good.

“I have a six-year-old lad and he is absolutely fine with him.

“We have always been big animal lovers. We have another dog, a cat, and a horse.

“It would be such a shame to have him put down as he is a brilliant dog.”

Mary said the pair would look to rehome Blaze after the treatment.

She said: “We just want to get him better so we can get him into a good home.

“That is if I can get my little lad away from it.

“He doesn’t want to be apart from him.”

Anyone who would like to help get Blaze his treat-ment can call Myerscough Veterinary Group, in Clayton-le-Dale on 01254 814863, and ask for Hann-ah or Rosemary.

Any extra money that is raised will be donated to Moggies Cat Rescue, based in Stansfield Street, Darwen.


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