KIND-HEARTED pupils at a Blackburn school joined together in a fundraising effort to raise cash for a new wheelchair for a cerebral palsy sufferer.

Brookhouse Primary School children were so inspired by Alex Hook, their teaching assistant’s son, that they have helped him on his way to collecting the £3,500 he needs for the new chair.

The children started their fundraising drive for the 20-year-old in November, with a cake stall, and a non-uniform day.

One child collected £4.25 in pennies, and the local chemist also secured £75.10, bringing the grand total to £1,204.

Alex’s mum Heather said she was overwhelmed by the support people had shown.

She said: “It is absolutely fantastic.

“I have only been there for a short time, but the school has a real community spirit and they have done all sorts of things “We wanted to raise money for Alex because the chair he has does not fit him properly, and the NHS wheelchair is too heavy and does not allow him to have independence.

“Alex is very much into his sport and I promised him that we would get a chair that would suit his medical needs, but one that would look good too.

“When people see him, they see a lad in a chair, but he wants people to see him first.

“The chair is going to be light-weight, trendy, and easy to manoeuvre.

“It is just fit for a young man,” she added, Alex, who studies sports at Blackburn College, and lives with his family in Hereford Road, is also planning to take part in a Blackburn-to-Blackpool chall-enge early next year to raise even more cash for the cause.Brookhouse deputy head-teacher Elizabeth Bond said: “We got all of the community, and children, on board to raise this money.

“We are so proud of all of the children and the contr-ibutions we have had have been unbelievable.

“It is a remarkable story and it just brings tears to your eyes.”