DARWEN councillor Paul Browne is demanding a major New Year drive against fly-tippers to clean up the rubbish-strewn town.

He said previous efforts to tackle illegal waste dumping had failed.

Now he is calling on town hall bosses to launch a hard-hitting campaign of education, monitoring, prosecution and publicity to eradicate the problem.

In April, fellow Sudell ward councillor Roy Davies branded the alley behind Preston Street and Snape Street as ‘the dirtiest’ in Blackburn with Darwen.

Coun Browne, who has been campaigning on the issue since January, believes only a sustained, targeted effort by the council can tackle the issue.

He said: “The biggest problem in Darwen at the moment is people fly-tipping in back streets. I know the council have prosecuting individuals in Darwen, but the message is not getting across.

“It’s not just an eyesore, but a health risk attracting rats, other vermin, maggots and dogs.

“We want an education campaign for residents encouraging them to tell the council when and where it happens and who is doing it. People know who is responsible.

“I want council refuse staff reporting it straight to the council and officials turning up to find who did it.

“There needs to be more prosecutions and fines with those responsible named and shamed. It has got so bad in Darwen that a proper, serious campaign is needed in January to stop fly-tipping for good.”

Borough environmental boss Faryad Hussain said: “We take fly-tipping extremely seriously. We name and shame residents who are caught fly-tipping.

“Illegal dumping of rubbish is damaging to the environment, costly for the council and a serious criminal offence which can lead to large fines or even imprisonment. We will prosecute.”