A SURVEY for residents concerned about crime has been launched by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The document, ‘Your Policing Priorities’ asks people to submit what issues they would like prioritised in Lancashire’s Police and Crime Plan 2013/14.

The commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, said: "I came into this role to help make Lancashire a safer place.

“I can only do this with the help of local people highlighting issues and concerns.

"If you think the police should focus on anti-social behaviour, vandalism, domestic violence, knife-crime, terrorism or any other issues, I want to hear about it.”

Community groups are being urged to get involved to help make the survey available to everyone county-wide.

The deadline to complete the survey is Sunday January 11.

It can be filled in at local libraries or online at http://bit.ly/Sz6Ub6.