THREE brothers rugby tackled a burglar to the ground and held him under citizen’s arrest until police arrived.

Suleman Sidat, 20, and his brother Mohammed, 29, were alerted to the thief breaking into their Blackburn business after an alarm was triggered.

The high-tech system, installed after a previous break-in, called each of the brothers’ mobile phones, enabling them to make it to the Blackburn Tile Centre, in Higher Eanam, within minutes.

Fourth brother Ibrahim, 27, arrived at the scene soon after and said the intruder was trying to get away as they got there.

He said his brothers had wrestled him to the floor and were keeping him captive.

Ibrahim said: “The burglar came through the roof.

“He cut a hole through the roof, jumped into the toilet and came downstairs where he grabbed the till.

“I was eating at home at the time and the alarm rang directly to our phones.

“My brothers went straight to the shop as they were coming back from college and were just minutes away.

“They opened the door, it was dark. One of my brothers then tried grabbing him as he got outside and then they all tackled him to the ground.

“A couple of passers-by stopped their car and helped out as well, as he tried legging it.”

The brothers, who all live near to the shop, were alerted to the incident at around 9pm on Thursday night.

Mohammed, who works at the tile store, which also sells granite work tops and underfloor heating and has been open since 1992, said the business been targeted last year, which prompted them to have the new alarm fitted.

He said: “This happened last year as well at around about the same time.

“Just as last time the burglar came through the roof. It is all electric wires up there, so the burglar was risking his life.

“This time they only took loose change, it was really pointless.

“My brother said it was the first thing that came into his head to just grab him and keep him there until the police came.

“He was trying to fight, to get away, and was threatening to stab him with a screwdriver.

“It was bad enough that he came in, but at the same time when you catch him and you have got him, it gives you a bit of satisfaction.

“You have got to protect your business.”

A police spokesman said: “A 43-year-old man from Blackburn has been arrested on suspicion of burglary other than in a dwelling with intent to steal.

“He is being questioned by officers and we are now investigating.”

Anybody with information is asked to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.