A BLACKBURN MC had the ‘job of his life’ as he introduced fights on the undercard of Ricky Hatton’s comeback boxing match at the weekend.

Paul Booth, 44, has been quickly making a name for himself on the MC circuit over the past few years.

But the big highlight came at the Manchester Arena on Saturday when Mr Booth, who has lived in Feniscowles, Blackburn, all his life, introduced every bout leading up to The Hitman’s return, when he stepped aside for the legendary Michael Buffer, known for his catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble”.

Mr Booth said: “It was the job of my life. I had 20,000 boxing fans eating out of my hand. That will live with me forever.”

Mr Booth said although he had enjoyed every minute, he was happy to step aside for Michael Buffer.

He said: “I have watched Michael Buffer introduce Frank Tyson and Frank Bruno and all the other championship fights.

“I told him it was a pleasure to meet him and he was genuinely happy and very complimentary about my work.

“If I could achieve 50 per cent of what he has I will be very happy. He was a really nice man.”

Mr Booth is a regular on the sportsman’s dinner circuit and at the darts and has a number of high-profile friends.

He works for Hatton Promotions and has appeared on Sky Sports, Sky Box Office and Eurosport.

He was also the first UK MC to work in mixed martial arts on television.

He said: “Hattons spotted me at a sportsman’s dinner and gave me my first job on Eurosport 18 months ago.

“I work with Ricky a lot. He is my most famous follower on Twitter!

“He is a good lad to work for. He is really down to earth and very funny.”