BLACKBURN Rovers fans gathered for the official launch of a supporters’ trust which is hoping to be able to buy the club from Venky’s.

The Rovers Trust, backed by MPs and former players, has already raised £3million from fans buying shares.

The group met at Blackburn Cathedral on Saturday to unveil its campaign strategy, which is to obtain full, or part, ownership of the club.

Trust co-chairman Wayne Wild, also a director at Darwen’s WEC group, said: “The meeting was really just to give everybody an update as to where we are at. We wanted to gain more membership, inform everybody what the current stage is, and talk about a pre-share offer.

“We also wanted to tell people what the overall aim was, which is for fans to have a shared ownership in the club.”

Mr Wild said the trust had come together after the Blackburn Rovers Supporters’ Investment Trust, and the Blackburn Rovers Supporters’ Trust, merged.

He said: “By uniting, we can concentrate on making as many supporters as possible members of Rovers Trust.

“This gives us the ideal platform to persuade members, supporters, and the business community, to raise enough capital to buy the club.”

Venky’s have previously denied the club is for sale.