A WOMAN who terrorised a neighbourhood with wild house parties and loud music for more than a year has been handed an ASBO.

Neighbours said Samantha Jones, 25, wreaked havoc on her close knit housing estate in St Margaret’s Way, Audley, Blackburn. Some residents said the problem had got so bad, the mother-of-two was ‘ruining their lives’.

Hyndburn magistrates gave Jones a two year ASBO, banning her from inciting others to act in an anti-social manner. She must also not cause harassment, stress or alarm using threatening or racial language.

She was also banned from playing music at a volume which could be heard outside her home and told not to be drunk or illegally intoxicated in any public place.

Another condition of the ASBO bans her from contacting a number of residents of her street.

Samantha Kelly, 22, who lives nearby, said: “This woman’s behaviour has ruined my home life. I am moving out because of her.

“She would throw loud parties at all times of the day and night that spilled out onto the street. She always had massive groups of lads knocking around, and there were fights at her house.

“I have an 11-week-old baby and Sam made my pregnancy hell. I spent weeks in tears after she started targeting me.”

Neighbours said Jones, a mother-of-two, played TV channel ‘The Hits’ at full volume at all times of the day and night and they would be verbally abused if they asked her to turn the music down.

They also complained of bottles being smashed in the street, having to witness people smashing Jones windows and covering her home in paint.

Police said they had even received complaints from residents about Jones using drugs in front of local children.

Resident Kellie Webster, 31, said: “The effects of her behaviour have been absolutely devastating.

“I have two impressioable children who have asked me really awkward questions after seeing Samantha taking drugs in the street.

“She has made our lives a misery.”

Fellow resident Laura Spencer, 19, said she hoped the ASBO would make a real difference to the neighbourhood and she was pleased it had been granted.

The ASBO has been secured jointly by Audley neighbourhood policing team and Contour Housing Association.

Sgt Jon Cisco, Audley neighbourhood policing team, said: “We’ve tried to work with Samantha Jones but her behaviour has continued to cause problems.

“In addition to the ASBO, we will be supporting her to address long-term issues around substance misuse. I hope this order reassures people that we do take action to address anti-social behaviour.”

Chris Langan, assistant director of customer services at Contour Homes, said: “We have been working closely with the police, after receiving dozens of complaints about noise and visitors to the property. We are pleased that the police have taken this action.”

Anyone who witnesses Jones breach the conditions of her ASBO should call police on 101 .