A KARATE club member has helped to organise a sponsored day-long karate event after almost dying from a heart attack last year.

Friends at Blackburn Budokwai karate club and members of sliding doors have organised a sponsored 24 hour long training session at Mill Hill Community Centre.

The event will take place on New Chapel Street, Blackburn, from 10am on Saturday October 14 to 10am on Sunday October 15.

Peter Wilson, 55, from Heyes Lane, Blackburn has helped to organise the event.

He said: “The event is very unique.

“I suffered a massive heart attack at my home in Blackburn last December.

“Fortunately paramedics from NHS Trust Ambulance Service were able to help me which means I am able to talk to you now and enjoy my friends, family and life.

“I wanted to give them something back and have helped to organise a sponsored karatethon.

“People are welcome to come along and throw in some loose change and train with us as long as they want.

“I hope this gets to the Cardiac nurses who looked after me after my heart attack and I see them at Mill Hill Community Centre for training.”