AN obsessed man threatened to get someone to throw acid in a woman’s face after she blocked him on social media.

Mohammed Ibram Saleem, 23, bombarded the woman with WhatsApp messages telling her he loved her and wanted to have a child with her.

But when the woman cut off their online relationship, Saleem sent threatening messages talking about guns and drugs, and hurling insults at the 18-year-old. When he was unable to contact her on her own phone, Saleem turned to her cousin to make threats through him, in a bid to get to the woman.

He told her cousin: “I’m going to hurt her and her loved ones so she hurts more than I ever did. I’m just going to get a man to throw acid in her face, mess up her life once and for all.”

On three separate occasions, Saleem, who lives in Bradford, was seen driving past the woman’s house in Blackburn, in a bid to intimidate her. He later told police he was visiting friends in the area. He pleaded guilty to harassment and appeared at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

Judge Heather Lloyd said: “You hardly knew her and yet you clearly became very quickly obsessed with her, which for a while she enjoyed, but when she wanted no more to do with you and your messages and she blocked you, you tried another route via another number.

“Prior to that your messages became abusive and even more threatening via her cousin. The tone of these messages was offensive and abusive but also threatening to her and her family, including threats you would attack her with a gun and the threat of throwing acid over your victim.

“Your harassment escalated when you were seen driving a car near her home. It was clearly designed to intimidate her, despite the fact you are disqualified from driving, and your home address is in Bradford and she lives in Blackburn.”

At the time of the offences Saleem was on licence after being released from a young offenders institute, where he was serving a sentence for drugs offences. He has since married another woman, the court heard.

Judge Lloyd said: “In her victim personal statement, the woman talks about her fear in the 12 months since her complaint. She was still seeing a mental health nurse in May and is on anti-depressants. She was generally fearful of you and what you could do.”

The judge jailed Saleem, of Heath Road, Bradford, for 19 months and made a restraining order until further notice.

“When she blocked you, you used another means to contact her. You used the phrase ‘snitches get stitches’ to her cousin.

“There was talk of guns and your threats, in particular in relation to an acid attack, are chilling.

“You were clearly obsessed and obsessive. You may still be obsessive, I do not know.

“One hopes you are no longer obsessed with her as you are now married.

“Your behaviour over that month had a significant impact on her.”

The judge jailed Saleem, of Heath Road, Bradford, for 19 months and made a restraining order until further notice.