NOTICE has been served on a group of travellers who have set up camp at Blackburn's Pleasington Cemetery.

Overnight, two more caravans joined the four caravans and one motorhome, which set up camp on Monday evening.

Yesterday calls were made to secure Pleasington Playing Fields near to cemetery after travellers set up camp for the second time.

Today the group, who have set up tables and chairs, hung out washing and left children’s toys strewn across the field, also had a chihuahua dog running around without a lead.

A spokesman from Lancashire Police said: “The council have informed us that the court order is going to be served. The Police have attended and spoken with the travellers and will continue to liaise with the council.”

Visitors have also reported children using obscene gestures as people pass by into the cemetery.

A 65-year-old infirmary street resident saw the travellers park their camper van outside the crematorium this morning in order to fill their water from the tap on the side of the building. She was visiting her husband’s grave with some of her relatives at the time.

She said: “One of their big white vans reversed up to the crematorium over someone’s grave.

“There were loads of them filling their water up outside the crematorium using the tap that’s used to water the flowers.

“It looks like they have reversed back to get out. You can see the tyre marks.

“It’s out of order them being on the field, but now they’re going on the cemetery it’s even worse.

“It makes you wonder, if there doing this kind of thing in the day time, what are they getting up to at night?

“I know they have to park up somewhere but not there.

“I would not be happy if I was going to a service at the crematorium and saw them all there.

“There was a service on today , it must have been so devastating for the people who went."

A spokesman said: "Any damage done by travellers, any witnesses need to contact the Council with details of the vehicle, time and date and what was witnessed, and the Council will report this to the police for criminal damage and carry out any repairs or clean-ups necessary."

People using the park and cemetery have been upset by the influx of travellers.

One dog walker, who works within the NHS said: "Travellers are a problem everywhere.

"But there is rubbish everywhere and it looks untidy.

"They are annoying but its hard to do anything about them."

Council bosses served the group with a notice to leave yesterday.

It was the second time in three years travellers have trespassed on the playing fields.

In July 2014, six caravans moved onto the cricket pitch after travellers claimed they had been given permission for a short stay.

Councillors denied this and moved them on two days later.

Residents and community leaders yesterday slammed the travellers for 'disrespecting the dead' and said it was shocking they were still able to get on to the land.

Police said they had received complaints about the travellers who had settled in Pleasington after being moved on from Witton Park.

The land the travellers have chosen has been set aside to allow for overspill car parking at large Muslim funerals.

A Blackburn with Darwen Council spokesman said yesterday: “Steps have been taken to serve formal notice for the removal of the travellers at Pleasington.

“This will give the occupants 24 hours’ notice to leave.

"Thereafter we will immediately apply to court for an order for possession if they have not complied.

“We will be liaising with the police who have powers to move travellers on in prescribed circumstances such as causing damage to land.”