DRIVERS have been warned to expect more disruption after roadworks caused lengthy tailbacks.

Motorists heading towards Blackburn suffered long delays as they headed up the A59 from the M6 on Friday.

With one lane shut for the resurfacing work, cars crawled up the hill at Samlesbury and traffic backed up to the motorway.

Now drivers have been told that the work, for the county council, will continue over the weekend and into Monday.

The road is the major highway towards Blackburn from the M6 and is particularly busy at peak times.

But a spokesman for the county council said the project was due to be completed on that day.

The spokesman said: “The work is scheduled to continue through the weekend and into Monday, but it is due to be finished by that day.”

One motorist, who did not want to be named, said he accepted the work needed to be done, but added that no workmen were visible as he queued.

He said: “It was really frustrating and I’m sure plenty of people were late for work.

“It’s a blessing that a good deal of the work will be done over the weekend, when fewer people are working, but may people will be angry if the job is not finished by Monday as promised.

“I don't recall getting any warning of the roadworks, which would have helped to soften the blow and perhaps encouraged some drivers to seek alternative routes."