OUR story on a new Italian restaurant in Blackburn town centre has really struck a chord with our readers.

We reported on Friday that A Mano will open in the 3,500 square foot unit under the One Cathedral Square office block in September.

The restaurant and cocktail bar will be complemented by a new Starbucks coffee shop at the rear of the building and the addition of an outdoor eating area with retractable roof at the opposite Turtle Bay.

And our readers were clearly very happy.

Fantasma1 said: “Blackburn needed this to kick start the night time revival. That’s now three restaurants with outside seating areas and a semi renovated pub on the old boulevard. This area is almost independent from the rest of the town centre.

“For anyone concerned about safety, there’s a train station to take you in and out of the centre and a police station right across the road.”

Another contributor was very much looking forward to having a new Italian in Blackburn.

Allthegoodnameshavegonenow said: “Oooh YES! I’m having some of this. I likes, a lot, my Italian football, my Italian food and my Italian wines.

“Whenever Lazio play at home, I go to Amalfi and stuff myself to near bursting. So having an Italian restaurant open here in Blackburn and within walking distance is quite frankly, Heaven.”

Jack Bower, said: “This is great news, yet the usual suspects are out complaining. Blackburn is on the way up!”

The Big Easy, had a word of warning. He said: “Let’s hope Blackburn isn’t saying ‘Arriverderci A Mano’ too soon. Patrons will only pay so much for their pizza and spaghetti bolognese.”