A 28-YEAR-OLD man pinned his partner down by the throat with a large spanner leaving an imprint of the tool on her neck.

Blackburn magistrates heard the assault was committed in the family home but Christopher Stehen Haycock assaulted his partner again when he turned up at the friend's home were she was staying because she was too frightened to go home.

Haycock, of Lowerfold, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting Georgina Greenwood.

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months with 50 days rehabilitation activity requirement, ordered to pay £100 compensation and £85 costs and made subject to a restraining order for 12 months.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said at the time of the first assault Miss Greenwood had their baby in her arms when he pushed her onto the bed and held her down with the spanner to her throat.

"He then kicked her in the stomach before putting her phone in the microwave to stop her calling the police," said Miss Allan.

Gareth Price, defending, said Haycock had no previous convictions.

"He has spent four nights in custody which has given him time to consider his behaviour," said Mr Price.