A WOMAN who went to bed to get away from an argument was woken by her partner punching her in the face.

Blackburn magistrates heard William Lowe should not have been in the house at all because he was subject to a restraining order.

Lowe, 36, of Canterbury Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to breaching the order. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in custody suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs and £115 victim surcharge.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Lowe was in the house with Trina Kellet and neither of them appeared to be paying much regard to the restraining order.

"There was an argument and she decided to go to bed before him," said Mrs Mann. "She woke up because he had punched her in the face causing a cut to her lower lip. She says she has had enough of him and he clearly can't change."

Helen Farnsworth, defending, said it was more than two years since the restraining order was imposed and her client had not been in trouble since.

"Miss Kellet was not concerned about the restraining order," said Mrs Farnsworth.