A 19-YEAR-OLD woman who was refused a drink spat in the barmaid's face and then slapped her.


Blackburn magistrates heard Sophie Louise Makin had initially been given a caution by police on condition she attended four sessions at a women's centre.


But she only attended three and ended up in court with a criminal conviction.


Makin, of Warwick Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Emily McGuinn.


She was ordered to pay £50 compensation and £50 costs.


Adrian Hollamby, prosecuting, said Makin had ordered a drink but refused to pay for it and her boyfriend had handed over the cash.


"When she went back and asked for another drink and, not surprisingly, she was asked if she had the means to pay," said Mr Hollamby.


"Her response was to spit in the barmaid's face and then slapped her."


Gareth Price, defending, said having attended three of the sessions Makin had struggled to get time off work and was unable to attend the fourth which would have enabled her to retain her clean record.