A 28-YEAR-OLD woman was found at her former partner's home just two days after being released from prison for assaulting her.

Blackburn magistrates heard Deborah Anne Kernaghan was in breach of a restraining order but had only gone to the address after being invited by Samantha Parker.

Kernaghan, of The Salvation Army Hostel, Heaton Street, Blackburn pleaded guilty to breach of a restraining order. She was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £30 victim surcharge.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said when Miss Parker answered the door to police she said Kernaghan wasn't there.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Kernaghan was released from prison on Thursday.

"When she opened her messages on Friday there was one from Miss Parker, who is the person who is meant to be protected by the retraining order," said Mr Taylor. "Miss Parker asked my client to contact her. She knows she should have ignored the message and showed it to the police but she allowed her emotions to get the better of her."

Mr Taylor said it was clear Miss Parker still had feelings for his client.

"The person she has been having a relationship with while my client was in prison has called the police," he added.