A 35-YEAR-OLD driver deliberately rammed another car during a road rage incident.

Blackburn magistrates heard Alkin Ahmedov reversed into the victims car before saying 'Haha, no insurance' and driving away.


And when Rokeeb Usman followed him to his home address Ahmedov came out with other men and started banging on his window calling him a terrorist.

Ahmedov, of Pine Street, Blackburn, was convicted after trial of dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident, and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

He pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol and without insurance. He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months, banned from driving for 20 months and ordered to pay £600 compensation and £150 costs.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mr Usman had stopped at traffic lights on Grimshaw Park when he became aware of a car coming up behind sounding its horn.

"He was pressing the horn repeatedly as though he wanted Mr Usman to go through the lights on red," said Miss Allan.

"Mr Usman waited until the lights changed before turning onto Freckleton Street where he moved over to let the defendant's car get past.

"Instead of doing that the defendant swerved his car into Mr Usman's vehicle bringing them both to a halt.

"The defendant got out of his car and started banging on the windows of Mr Usman's car and shouting aggressively," said Miss Allan.

"He refused to exchange insurance details with Mr Usman and when he started taking photographs of his registration plate made the comment about him having no insurance."

Ahmedov drove off but Mr Usman followed while his passenger phoned the police.

"Mr Usman did not want a confrontation but while he was waiting for the police the defendant approached his car and started banging on the window, calling him a terrorist and telling him to get out of the car," said Miss Allan. "The police arrived 30 seconds later."

Miss Allan said Mr Usman said it would cost £2,000 to repair his car.

Ahmedov, who was not represented, said he had called the other man a terrorist because people had come with him to his home wearing masks.