CAR vandals have caused misery for people living in part of Blackburn following a spate of attacks.

Cars in Sandy Lane and Cross Street, Lower Darwen, and the Oakdale Estate were all targeted this week.

Elaine Humphreys, of Sandy Lane, said her husband’s car had been attacked with the wing mirrors kicked off.

Mrs Humphreys said: “They did two more cars round the corner in Cross Street as well.

“I think there was a group of youths doing it as some others were shown on the camera walking past soon after.”

Mrs Humphreys said there had been problems with youths in the area. “On Monday night there was a group of them drinking in the street. We have had problems recently, especially during the holidays.

“We haven’t had a quote yet for the repairs to our car but it is a huge inconvenience and will cost a lot of money to fix.”

CCTV images of a female seen near the car on the night it was vandalised have been given to police.

Kezia Cameron-Atkin, of Darwen, said her boyfriend had just moved to Oakdale and their cars had been vandalised on a number of occasions.

She said: “In July, we had our car broken into and two cars keyed and then last Tuesday night someone wrote the name ‘Danielle’ on to the bonnet of one of our cars.

“He has only recently moved to Oakdale so we have been devastated at the vandalism.

“It is such a nice area that we were really surprised when it happened.”

Fernhurst councillor Jackie Slater said: “I don’t know what is going on, there must be a gang going round doing this for fun.

“It is just ridiculous.

“We are lucky in Lower Darwen as we have a thriving youth club. So it is sad these others give them a bad name.

“It is a shame as it spoils it for everyone else because the youths all get tarred with the same brush when it is only a minority.”

PC Russell Lambert of Blackburn police said: “This is mindless vandalism that has resulted in unnecessary expense and inconvenience for the owners.”