FOUR back alleys in Audley Range are to benefit from a council scheme to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Alleygates are to be installed at the back of sections of Ripon Street, Lambeth Street, Queens Park Road and Pringle Street.

A council spokesman said: “The gating scheme is part of the councils community safety program in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour at the request of residents or other interested parties.

“Each request is assessed using a standardised scoring matrix, centring on the level of criminal and/or anti-social behaviour and the link between the alleyway and the noted anti-social or criminal concern.

“If the scheme qualifies with a 20 per cent higher rate of crime and/or anti-social behaviour than the neighbourhood area in which it sits, we then review the site and consult with local residents and other interested parties.

“If the area would benefit from a scheme, it is able to be installed, is not cost prohibitive, greater than 50 per cent of residents respond positively to the consultation and no legitimate objections are received, the scheme is installed.”

Planning permission for the gates in the Audley Range area has now been approved and they are set to be installed shortly.