A TOILET attendant at The Mall in Blackburn is flushed with success after being named the best in the UK.

The Mall’s bathroom facilities were also stamped with a ‘platinum grading’ by the National Loo of the Year Awards.

The judging panel, which is widely regarded as the standard setters for ‘away from home’ facilities, said the shopping centre receached the highest grade possible.

Each entry is assessed against 100 judging criteria including signage and décor, fixtures and fittings and overall standards of cleanliness and management.

In January, judges from the outfit turned up unannounced to scour the centre, brandishing clipboards.

Now, after checking the facilities every 20 minutes each shift for the past five years, Peter Haddock has been honoured for his hard work.

The 64-year-old of Shear Brow said: “I’m really happy. It’s so nice to be appreciated for keeping the toilets clean.

“I often get people saying to me that these are the cleanest ones in the town and the only ones they’ll use.”

Mr Haddock was presented with his certificate by his manager, to a round of applause from his colleagues.

Working at the shopping centre for a total of eight years, Mr Haddock has become somewhat of a fixture.

He said: “It’s not as easy to do the job as you might think, you do need quite a strong stomach.

“I’ve had a bloke take over for me before, and he turned round to me and said he has no idea how I can do it.

“Generally people in Blackburn are quite neat and tidy, but sometimes you get one that makes an awful mess.”

The certificates for the facilities and their steward are now hung proudly in the facilities at The Mall.

Loraine Jones, general manager at the centre, said: “We are absolutely delighted.

“Peter works tirelessly to ensure that our toilets are spotless and he thoroughly deserves this accolade.”

Mike Bone, managing director of the awards, said: “The Mall achieved the highest possible grade and must be complimented on providing attractive, clean and hygienic facilities to meet the needs of all types of users.

“The cleaners are also to be congratulated and recognised for their contribution to the Mall toilets success."