A SHOPLIFTER launched a foul-mouthed rant at a magistrate because she didn’t send him to prison for long enough.

And Nigel Wilde was not dragged back into court for contempt because jailing him for that offence would have given him the extra time he wanted.

Wilde was jailed for 28 days for shoplifting and breach of an anti-social behaviour order.

He said to the chairman Mrs Joyce Frost; “Can you give me 30 days love?”

When his request was ignored he said: “If am released after 14 days I won’t get a discharge grant and I’ll rob everything I can, what do you expect me to do you f****** slut.”

Court clerk Rosemary Houston explained the magistrates had the option to bring Wilde back into court to either apologise or be punished with more custody.

“That’s what he wants so we don’t want to do that,” she said.

Wilde, 32, of Darwen Street, Blackburn, admitted stealing a bottle of whiskey from Marks and Spencer and breach of the Asbo by entering Blackburn town centre.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the Asbo was made shortly before Christmas and the latest offence was the fourth breach. He was also subject to an Asbo which bans him from entering certain areas of Blackpool.

Andrew Church-Taylor, defending, said his client felt like some kind of wild west baddie who was being hounded out of town. He said when released from prison Wilde was planning to leave the county and was heading to a rehabilitation centre in South Wales.