A DRIVER who thought he had done everything right when he attended his work’s Christmas ‘do’ ended up being breathalysed after being asked to leave early.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Brendan Cassidy, 26, had stayed over following the celebration at Eaves Hall, near Clitheroe, and had not planned to leave until midday.

But the guests were asked to leave by 10am so that staff could get ready for a wedding.

And Cassidy failed a breath test after crashing into a motorway barrier.

Cassidy, of Dalglish Drive, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol. He was disqualified for 18 months and fined £250 with £110 costs.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Cassidy had tried to do everything he could to avoid the situation he found himself in.

He said that as Cassidy left the motorway at junction five, his car skidded and collided with the barrier.

“He genuinely didn’t believe he would be over the limit,” said Mr Taylor.

“He accepts it is his responsibility but this is not a man who has deliberately flouted the law.”