A MAN has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after being found guilty of indecent assaulting a young boy.

Alan Mayor, 41, of Palm Street, Blackburn, appeared before Preston Crown Court for sentencing yesterday after being found guilty of an indecency offence.

Police said the offence related to the abuse of a boy under the age of 10 in Lancaster area in the 1990s. His victim gave evidence against his abuser during a trial last month. Mayor was found guilty of indecent assault by the jury.

Detective Constable Denise Kershaw said she welcomed the jail sentence.

She said: “His victim has shown great courage in coming forward and reporting what happened.

“Now that Mayor is behind bars, it will hopefully prevent other young children being targeted by this man.”

Detective Constable Jill Neil, of the Lancaster’s family protection team, added: “Mayor took advantage of a situation where he had contact with a family and their young child, carrying out abuse against the youngster.”

Mayor was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, and is subject to a sex offences prevention order for 10 years. He was also permanently disqualified from working with children.