I CONSIDER myself fairly well informed, but I am not too sure about this voting for a police head man.

When I ask if it is political, the beginning of a police-controlled state, or another layer of officialdom, I get no reasonable replies.

But I think we can do without it, as well as the extra cost for the position.

Our opinions of people, or their jobs, are adjusted by how much we need them.

Doctors and nurses are always good, because they are there when we are ill.

The police? Well, how we describe them depends on the situation, or which side of the law you may find yourself on.

Solicitors? They’re a two- edged sword because they are either for you, or against you — but, in the long run, they are all just like you and me, doing their jobs as best they can.

n THIS atrocious weather affects many things, but the main thing is its effect on the way people feel, making everyone damp, dull, and a little miserable.

But, come hail, rain, or snow, it seems to make no difference to Blackpool.

For, whatever the weather, it’s busy.

I have been there three times this week for a variety of reasons, and at a variety of times, and that newly- refurbished front is always well populated, with people promenading about.

The rock and souvenir shops seem to be doing a steady trade as well, so it makes me think our beloved Lancashire resort ‘towers’ well above the rest.

Trip one was taking Bill into Blackpool Victoria Hospital for a heart by-pass; trip two was bringing him home as it was decided to postpone the op, and trip three was to the Bedford Hotel for a fabulous demonstration in flower arranging by TV’s Carl Wilde and, after lunch, a very amusing talk by the Calendar Girls.

DON’T know about you, but I hate answerphone messages.

However, I had to smile on phoning a friend when her machine replied ‘the answer machine is on holiday and this is the refrigerator speaking, so speak slowly so I can write it down and stick it on to myself with a little magnet’.