A HOSPITAL in Blackburn has received a top honour at a national awards ceremony.

BMI Beardwood Hospital received the Pride Award at BMI Healthcare’s annual Night of the Stars Awards, aimed at recognising the hospital which has the most passionate staff.

It was chosen because the hosp-ital team have spent the past two years improving the look, and atmosphere, to help patients feel at ease during their stay.

The rooms and corridors have been redecorated, and hospital staff converted their under-used gym into a walk-in walk-out unit for patients who only required a short stay.

Samantha Sheehan, executive director for the hospital, said: “We are so proud that BMI Beardwood has won the Night of the Stars Pride Award.

“The dedication of staff was key to achieving this goal.”

The awards celebrate the best of BMI Healthcare, awarding staff, hospitals, and initiatives, from 69 hospitals, and almost 8,000 staff in the group.