A NEW scheme has been set up to promote responsible dog ownership across the Roe Lee area of Blackburn.

Three community groups from Roe Lee have been trained, and have set up the scheme called Your Community Your Call ‘dog champions’.

The committee members, from the Friends of Blackburn Old Cemetery, the Friends of Roe Lee Park, and Pemberton Street Residents’ Association, will promote responsible dog ownership across the area, particularly focusing on reducing dog fouling.

Coun David Pearson said: “Dog mess is one of those things that we know local people absolutely hate.

“It is not too much of a problem in Roe Lee park, but it is in some of the streets and fields.

“A minority of people who don’t pick up after their dogs are giving the responsible dog owners a bad name.

“We have some great ideas to improve the cleanliness of our streets and footpaths, and we can’t wait to get started.”