A NIGHT on the home brew led a man to go and smash a house window after his ‘beloved’ old Nissan Micra was taken as he slept, a court was told.

John Patrick Corbett, 63, was still suffering the effects of his ‘particularly nice’ elderflower and lemon champagne when he took the law into his own hands and went to the home of a man he believed had taken the car.

Burnley magistrates were told how he broke the back window after being told to get lost. The car was eventually found and was a write-off. His solicitor told the court Kieran McEnerney and Andrew Kramer had both since been convicted of taking the car without consent.

Corbett, of Clover Hill Road, Nelson, admitted damaging a door panel worth £100, belonging to Mr McEnerney, on September 1. He was given a 12 month conditional discharge and must pay £85 costs and £25 compensation. The defendant has a record for growing cannabis.

Geoff Ireland, for Corbett, said he had invited a neighbour round who brought Mr McEnerney and Mr Kramer, who he didn't know.

The next morning, the defendant’s ‘beloved’ P-reg Micra was missing. He went to a nearby house, banged on the door and a man told him to get lost. He then smashed the window.