MOSAIC artist Ed Chapman has created two new iconic portraits with a Jubilee year theme.

The Darwen-raised artist has made a unique portrait of The Queen, which will be perched next to ‘The King’ – a portrait of football legend Eric Cantona.

The portraits are both made from stone tiles and have been specially created by Ed to mark the Daimond Jubilee, and the 20th anniversary of Cantona signing for Manchester United.

Both portraits will be unveiled at Manchester’s Buy Art Fair, which takes place in Spinningfields until Sunday.Ed, 41, who was brought up in The Vicarage in Hawkshaw Avenue, said: “I thought I’d combine royalty and sport in these two works, which I am delighted to be showing in Manchester.

“Both are made from stone tiles and I hope the king and queen will prove popular pieces of work at this diverse art event.

“I’m not a monarchist and neither am I a United fan, but I’ve heard there are a couple of people out there who are.”

Ed’s portrait of Eric Cantona is not the first one he has created of the French footballing icon. A piece made by the artist in 2009 was stolen from a gallery in Chorlton and has never been found – coincidentally as the film Looking For Eric was in cinemas.

Ed also famously made a Jimi Hendrix portrait out of 5,000 plectrums for Cancer Research UK last year, raising £23,000.

His portrait of the Queen is called ‘Rock and Rule’, measures 82 x 62cm and took a month to make. ‘Le Roi Eric Cantona’ measures 62 x 92cm.

He has also created works in coins, glass, chewing gum and sugar cubes and sold work to celebrities from the worlds of TV, music and sport.