A REPORT into proposals to raise the price of cheap drinks claims local pubs will benefit.

Hyndburn Council has drafted a report on the pros and cons of supporting a minimum 50p per unit of alcohol rule in the borough.

The plans will go before councillors at the full council meeting next week.

A report said the main impact would affect mostly supermarkets and off-licences, particularly where alcohol is sold in bulk.

The report, by executive legal director Jane Ellis, said: “Supermarkets and off-licences will no longer be able to seel alcohol for pocket money prices. For instance, a can of lager at 23p or a 2 litre bottle of cider at £1.34. Prices in pubs and clubs will be largely unaffected as they typically sell above 50p.

“Evidence suggests their sales will increase as drinkers return to pubs following supermarket price increases.”