PENDLE Council is offering free microchipping for dogs.

Through a project funded by national charity Dogs Trust, the dog wardens are running two sessions for dog owners to get their pets microchipped for free.

Microchipping a dog is a permanent way of identifying it should it ever get lost or stray from the owner.

Coun John David, below, who represents the dog warden service in Pendle, said: “Putting a collar and tag on your dog is a legal requirement.

“Microchipping your dog is not yet law, but it is a more permanent way of making your dog identifiable should it get away from you.

“Our dog wardens are fully trained in this simple procedure which doesn’t harm dogs one bit.”

The events run between 4pm and 7pm at Barnoldswick Police Station on September 19 and Marsden Old Hall, in Nelson, on September 26.

Dogs brought to the events much be on a secure lead, and must be brought by over 18s. The dogs must be over 16 weeks of age and fully vaccinated.

Dog warden Laura Robinson said: “It’s common sense to want to tag or microchip your dog.

“It means that we can take the dogs that we find straight back home, rather than having to take them off to the kennels.”