A mother who kept neighbours awake by playing Madonna songs at full blast prompted neighbours to keep a diary of disruption at her home.

Tracey Kirby, 32, of Cliff Street, Rishton, was served with a noise abatement notice by Hyndburn Council after the catalogue of neighbours' sleepless nights and disrupted days was presented to them.

However, Kirby went on to break the notice twice and the council started proceedings against her.

Kirby had previously been convicted of the offences in her absence and was due to be sentenced at Hyndburn Magistrates Court yesterday.

But she must now wait to be sentenced after declaring in court that she was schizophrenic.

Gordon McMillen, prosecuting, said that Kirby had caused great discomfort to neighbours, including a 93-year-old woman and a young mother and her baby.

He told the court that on August 12 this year an environmental health officer was called to the property at 10.15pm by the young mother.

She had complained to Hyndburn's Night-time Noise Nuisance Team that she could not get her baby to sleep after it had been woken by Kirby's loud music, which also included rap.

Less than a week later, officers were called again over reports of yet more loud music, the court was told.

Mr McMillen said: "She showed complete disregard for the notice served on her by the council and the peace and comfort of her neighbours."

Magistrates asked her to explain her behaviour and the loud noises coming from her home and Kirby, representing herself, said that her strong medicine made her unaware of what was going on around her.

The magistrates decided that reports were needed before sentencing.

Kirby will now be sentenced on November 23.