TWO festivals of 21st century art are being combined into a summer cultural showcase in Blackburn town centre.

The 48-hour events, starting today, ‘push the boundaries of new cinema, digital culture, performance art, music and technology’.

The first Founded Festival will bring together works inspired by Blackburn or created by students at the town’s college.

Going with it is a visit from the ground-breaking Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival as part of a nationwide tour.

This will include an exhibition from Mobile Republic consisting of five ‘interactive’ caravans with a working artist in each.

Grouped together in a circle outside Blackburn Youth Zone, they will create a ‘central big top’ with an artist’s studio, performance space and outdoor cinema.

The traditional British summer holiday caravan gets an unexpected twist from artists including Swiss architects Bureau A.

Among those in the caravans will be Hellicar & Lewis who recently worked with London’s high-profile Victoria and Albert Museum and the UK’s premier art award, the Turner Prize.

There will be a cinema caravan featuring a short film End of the Road investigating caravan culture.

Another becomes a Planetary Sculpture Spice Mix Super Computer, where visitors can use create their own spices.

As part of the events, the very first Founded in Blackburn festival is being staged. It is a celebration of live art, music and technology inspired by the borough.

Venues include Blackburn Museum, BBC Radio Lancashire, the Coffee Exchange, King George’s Hall, and Victoria Square.

Work will include a show by Accrington’s Huckleberry Films rediscovering unused spaces around Blackburn including sound and performance artist Daniel Weaver exploring the history of Mercers Toy Shop from its attic and international artist Ben Gwilliam creating an urban soundscape.

Blackburn College students are also invited to take part. They include film graduate Liam Eshghi’s film Electric City depicting a typical night on the tiles in the town.