A PHOTOGRAPHY student from Blackburn has used her blind grandfather’s grief as a source of inspiration to create an emotional end of year project.

Monica Bareikyte, who is originally from Lithuania, returned to her grandparents’ village Bastunai in the Baltic state last year, when her grandmother sadly died.

It was there that she took candid photos of her grandfather coming to terms with the death of his wife.

A series of quotes accompany the photos, which express the thoughts and feelings of both her own and her grandfather’s grief.

The 19-year-old is pregnant with her first child, which is due in November.

Monica, who studies photography at Blackburn College, said: “I wanted the project to convey not only the grief both my grandfather and I were suffering, but also the memories of her and the different ways we both were coming to terms with her death.

“Obviously I was able to take some really candid photos of my grandfather, while he was in a fragile and emotional state which gave my pieces much more impact.

“Blackburn College have really supported the vision I had with my photos, encouraging me to explore my emotions.

“My dream is to be a professional photographer, and I’m sure the birth of my first child will be a new source of inspiration.”

More shots from Monica’s final show for her BTEC Extended National Diploma can be seen by visiting the website blackburncollegephotography.tumblr.com/ For more information about studying photography at Blackburn college call course leader, Shaun McAllister on 01254 292271.