A TEACHER and Scout leader who became a town’s youngest-ever mayor, at the age of 26, has quit the post after less than two months in office.

Simon Morley, who was appointed Mayor of Padiham in May, said he is stepping down because of the increasing demands put on his spare time after recently being appointed dist-rict commissioner of Burnley and Pendle district scouting.

He also said he plans to move away from the area, and the rules of the town council insist representatives live nearby.

Mr Morley who, on taking office, urged more younger people to take part in local democracy, said he was “very disappointed to leave the role”.

The drama teacher, who lives in Read, said: “The reason I have to step down is simply that I’m moving house and will soon be living in the Whalley area.

“The rules of the town council are that councillors must live within two miles of the parish.

“It’s been a pleasure serving on the council, especially being so young, and I think that Padiham is a really special place.

“Attending events like the charity duck race last month showed that the town still retains a strong sense of comm-unity and civic pride across the generations.”

Originally from Prestwich, near Manchester, Mr Morley moved to the Burnley area as a child.

He was elected a town councillor two years ago.

Mr Morley said he will retain strong connections with the town as a scout leader with St John’s RC Church, in Padiham.

He said: “I’m not moving far away and, as well as the scouts, I will still retain an interest in a lot of the projects and activities that I’ve become involved with.”

A replacement for the resigning mayor is likely to be discussed at a meeting of the council on Monday.

Last year’s mayor, Coun Bob Clark, in his second stint in the role, raised more than £8,000 for the Padiham Community Fund.

The current deputy Mayor of Padiham is Coun Alan Ravenscroft.