A FAMILY was forced to flee their burning house after a laptop overheated while on charge.

Firefighters from Great Harwood were called to the mid-terrace house in Greaves Street, Great Harwood, at 6.25pm on Sunday, and arrived to find an upstairs rear bedroom well alight.

Flames were threatening to spread to a neighbouring property, and two back up appliances from Hyndburn Fire Station were called for.

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Cars parked on the tight street restricted the engine getting to the property, and when we arrived, we were faced with a fully developed fire in a rear bedroom. The occupiers had managed to get out, and closed the bedroom door behind them, which stopped the fire spreading further.

“Two firefighters wearing breathing equipment were sent in to douse the flames, and a ventilation fan was used to get rid of the smoke.

“The bedroom has been completely destroyed, and investigations done at the scene have revealed that a laptop on charge had caught fire.”

He added: “This is one of a number of incidents involving overheating of laptop computers.

“It is recommended that when charging laptops are placed on a hard flat surface, this allows air to circulate into the vents at the bottom of the case to keep the computer cool.

“Problems have occurred with laptops left on bedding. This restricts or blocks the air vents, causing overheating and in extreme circumstances causing fire.”

Fire crews were at the scene for about an hour.

Yesterday, windows in the affected house were left ajar, and a blackened rear window could be seen boarded up.

A next door neighbour said she had not been affected by the blaze.