A STEP-by-step guide has been created to help people make sense of a 555 page document detailing development plans in Clitheroe.

The help sheet has been put together by Clitheroe Residents’ Action Group, who claimed it would make Ribble Valley Council’s proposals for the town easier to understand, allowing residents to express their views on them.

Steve Rush, chairman of the group, said the core strategy document, which sets out plans for 4,000 new houses in the borough, was so long and complicated that the group felt it had to help.

He said: “How on earth the council can ask people to read 555 pages defies belief — it is the most ridiculous thing.

“The action group has summarised this document down to the extremely important parts and is issuing a one-page fact sheet on the major issues that still have not been addressed.”

The condensed document is being delivered to houses and will also be handed out at an action day on Saturday, but residents will still have to refer to the council’s core strategy to make a representation.

Mr Rush said: “People don’t understand what is happening and the council have made it so confusing.

“I have asked on numerous occasions for them to do this sort of thing and they just flatly refuse.

“We feel we are having to take this course of action on behalf of the people of Clitheroe.”

He also encouraged res-idents to attend further meetings organised by the group at Clitheroe Cricket Club on May 24 and 31 at 7.30pm.

A Ribble Valley Council spokesman said: “While we are delighted at the level of interest shown by Mr Rush in the core strategy, we urge people to make representations to the official core strategy document, as responses to unofficial documents will not be considered as part of the consultation process.

“If anyone does have any queries, they should contact our core strategy team, who will be happy to help.”

The council will be holding a series of drop-in sessions over the coming weeks as part of the consultation process. Details are available on 01200 425111.