SUPPORTERS of a skiing attraction are recruiting a volunteer ‘army’ – to keep the area free from snow and ice.

Friends of Ski Rossendale, who help maintain the surroundings to the dry ski slope, are forming their own ‘band’ of helpers, called Snow Patrol.

The group will be available at short notice to clear the car park and surrounding areas at the tourist attraction, which was re-opened as a social enterprise last year.

Mike Hopkins, volunteer co-ordinator at the slope, said: “Our car park here at Ski Rossendale is pretty big and takes a lot of looking after.

“We know this as it took us ages to clear the car park of leaves during the autumn.

“Once snow or ice starts to appear, to keep the slope available through the winter months will require the hard work of our volunteers again to keep the car park clear.

“I can imagine the chaos on Haslingden Old Road if the car park is knee deep in snow especially during the Saturday morning Kids’ Clubs.

“We’re asking for volunteers to lend their time and a shovel to keep the car park and other areas clear at an hour’s notice.

“We need a team of ‘snow patrollers’ to start early in the day, prior to the centre opening.”

Mike added that the Friends group also participated in many other activities at the centre, such as emptying the bins and recycling the plastic bottles that are found near the slope.

He added: “We are committed bringing people in with differing ideas, abilities and backgrounds, we believe everyone is able to participate and contribute.”

Those interested in joining the Ski Rossendale ‘snow patrol’ or other volunteering at the centre are asked to contact Mike on 01706 226457 or