ROGUE street traders have been banned from Nelson and Brierfield after a wave of protests from legitimate businesses.

Fly-by-night pedlars will be permanently barred from Arthur Street and Walter Street in Brierfield, the council has decided.

And ad-hoc traders will need consent from the borough council's licensing committee if they want to set up shop in future.

Nuisance traders selling fruit and veg have targeted the two towns in recent months, causing store owners and market traders to complain.

Licensing manager Mick Armfield told councillors that a man had been caught selling fruit and veg on the corner of Hardiman Street and Arthur Street last Wednesday, before he was moved on.

The ban on street trading in Arthur Street and Walter Street was brought in as an emergency measure, following representation from traders, just before Christmas.

Council leader Coun Mike Blomeley said: "Shops and traders were being undermined by the travelling vendors coming around, contributing nothing to the local community and simply usurping the legitimate business they were enjoying.

"The restriction in Brierfield certainlyseems to have solved the problem."

Licensing committee chairman Coun Eileen Ansar said she was satisified that the approach adopted would not threaten milkmen, ice cream vendors and legitimate market traders.

Councillors agreed that the action was being taken to address 'unlicensed and unwelcome' street traders.