MORE than 150 children in Lancashire hold a shotgun licence — including one aged 10.

Home Office figures released in the House of Commons showed a further 10 children aged 11 have also been grated a certificate to use the weapon.

Shotgun certificates last for five years and the statistics also show that 47 children aged 17 have been granted a licence between 2005 and September 2010. There’s a total of 153 across the county.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “When issuing firearms licences, whether they are under or over 18, we follow strict guidelines set out by the Home Office.

"Prior to a licence being issued or renewed, we have to satisfy ourselves that the applicant can be permitted to possess a firearm without danger to public safety.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The government is committed to a debate on our gun laws and will consider all aspects of gun legislation.

“There are firm guidelines laid down for chief officers to follow before certificates are issued.

“They must be certain anyone issued with a certificate does not pose a danger to those around them.”