A MAN found to have almost three-quarters of a kilo of herbal cannabis at his Blackburn home has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

A court was told that Atif Ali had used the drug as relief from a painful condition.

And, in order to fund the habit, he sometimes supplied to friends.

Ali, 22, of Lancaster Road, Blackburn, appeared at Preston Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to possessing a Class C drug with intent to supply.

The skunk-type drug had a street value of £4,700. Ali had no previous convictions for supplying, or possession with intent.

His barrister told the court Ali suffered from haemophilia a blood clotting deficiency and sometimes this resulted in bleeding into the joints, which could be very painful.

It was because of that that he started smoking cannabis for pain relief four, or five, years ago.

Philip Andrews, defending, said "His use of the drug increased to something in the region of three to four milligrams a day.

"The drug is quite expensive to buy on the market.

"He was eventually selling some of the drug to try and fund using it."

Several friends had contributed to him buying that quantity of drugs.

Forced entry was made by police when they seized the drug.

This caused great distress to young children in the house.

Mr Andrews added: "He has certainly learned his lesson."