A SILVER saucer appears to be hovering in the sky above a sleepy East Lancashire village in this quick snap taken on a mobile phone.

Aron Sacks was looking out of his bedroom window in the village of Stacksteads when he saw something strange floating in the sky.

The 34-year-old grabbed his mobile phone and snapped the mysterious object before it disappeared into the murky grey seconds later.

He claims that it hovered in the sky for a few seconds before silently zooming off at high speed.

The carpenter, who works for JJ Ormerods Limited in the village, said: “I’ve never seen anything like this before it was amazing. I was just looking out of the window to see what the weather was like and I spotted it in the distance. I grabbed my phone and took a quick picture and then when I looked again it had gone – it was quite spooky.”

Sightings of UFOs run in the family, with Aron’s father Mike, claiming to have seen numerous unidentified objects hovering in the skies over their home.

The 69-year-old, said: “I saw UFOs a couple of times during 1978 and 1979.

“The first one was at about 2am in the morning when we were woken up by the brilliance of some lights in the night sky.

“When I looked out there was an object 600ft up. It was a carousel shape and it was travelling at about 80mph towards Lee Mill Quarry. There were six people who saw it that night and its not really that surprising as this is UFO valley.”

Mr Sacks made his way to the quarry along with two police officers, but after looking for several hours they failed to find anything. Four months later, in February 1979, Mr Sacks said he saw a ‘pulsing’ object out of his bedroom window.

And then in May 1979, as he watched the sky with a friend, he said a craft appeared in the sky just feet away from them.

Mr Sacks said: “It was absolutely amazing. There were lights shining from it and there were huge big jet black triangle things beneath it.”

In 2008, Mike, was interviewed on Five’s Britain’s Close Encounters about the three sightings in Rossendale between late 1978 and mid 1979.