ANTI-social behaviour will be top of the agenda in Lancashire over the next 12 months, according to the chief executive of county's police authority.

Miranda Carruthers-Watt said the policing plan for the next financial year would have a ‘strong emphasis’ on anti-social actions - because that’s 'what the public was asking for'.

Ms Carruthers-Watt spoke ahead of Lancashire Police Authority week,designed to raise the profile of what the authority does.

She said: “It is important for us to know why people feel confident in their community or what things they’d like to see changed. People need to know they can have a say on what the priorities.

“A quarter of the police budget comes from council tax, that’s an average of £140 per Band D household each year. We want to hear how people want their money spending.

“The standard service from the police and their performance is high. We are there to get under their skin and with rigorous scrutiny, it will stay that way.”

Ahead of February’s budget announcements, Ms Carruthers-Watt said ensuring value for money was crucial and but that corners could not be cut.

“We’re no different to the rest of the country. We’re all facing difficult times. There’s a very strong emphasis on value for money. It wouldn’t be believable to say there will be no changes. Every public sector body is looking at reduced budgets.

“But we must remember we’re dealing with people’s lives who daily go into incredibly difficult and dangerous situations. They must have what they need to be able to do that.

“The authority’s job is to hold the constabulary to account as a high performing body, despite the financial circumstances. It’s a difficult equation - one very much at the forefront.”

The chief executive, who has a background in criminal law, said she remained opposed to political interference, in the form of the Conservative party’s suggestion of locally elected police commissioners.

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