THE daughter of a man who took his own life after jumping from a Nelson car park has called for the building to be demolished.

Claire Judson’s demand comes after a man yesterday threatened to jump off the Pendle Rise car park.

Miss Judson’s father Jimmy Haselden committed suicide in 2003.

He was one of seven people have died as a result of plunging from the building in the past eight years.

One person has also been paralysed and a further 18 people have been ‘talked down’ by police negotiators.

Townsfolk are demanding some form of action from owners Pendle Rise Estates Limited and managing agents 4D Properties - who have again remained tight-lipped over the issue.

Miss Judson has launched a Facebook group with 600 members, demanding the bulldozing of the 1960s monolith, which used to house the town’s bus station.

A petition on the Prime Minister’s Downing Street website has attracted a further 150 names.

The 26-year-old, of Berriedale Road, Nelson, said: “I was driving past today and it brought it all back to me. This is just going to go on and on.

“Something needs to be done sooner rather than later. Even if there is only fencing put up the company needs to give the go ahead to install it.”

Coun Eileen Ansar, who runs fashion store Slick nearby, agreed that something had to be done to because the car park had gained a terrible reputation.

She said: “We need to be doing something about this now.

"All of the money is in place for us to put security measures in but we need permission from the owners to get on site.”

The incident came on the same day as an inquest into the latest casualty to end his own life at the car park.

East Lancashire coroner Richard Taylor returned a suicide verdict on Andrew Holdsworth, 44, of Smith Street, Nelson, who climbed over a second floor barrier before jumping to his death.

He was the seventh person to have died as a result of falling from the building in the past eight year.

One person has also been paralysed and a further 18 people have been ‘talked down’ by police negotiators.

Pendle Community Safety Partnership has raised £40,000, from various sources, to install safety measures at the car park.

But officials are still waiting for permission from 4D Properties to carry out the work at Pendle Rise.

Geoff Whitehead, Pendle council’s community safety partnership manager, said: “The safety of our residents is a top priority for us and partners including police, health, the council and voluntary organisations have been working hard on this issue for many months.

“We’re now in a position to take real action once the owners allow us to go on site and put in the safety measures.”


Jane Halliday, 21, of Colne, said: “I think the car park should be pulled down. Something needs to be done to stop people from doing this. It’s terrible.”

Melanie Petriv, 33, of Colne, said: “It should be taken down, or have something to block off the stairs. There needs to be a major rethink about it.”

Annette Darlow, 64, of Railway Road, Nelson, said: “Someone like the police should take it over, or put on surveillance all the time.”

Altaf Hussain, 54, of Nelson, said: “It should be demolished. If they can’t pull it down, then fence it off. But something needs to be done.”

Colin Howarth, 66, of Higher Reedley Road Brierfield, said: “One of my friends committed suicide there. Action must be taken to stop it happening.”

Kevin Wood, 51, of Scotland Road, Nelson, said: “If it was pulled down where else is there to park? People would find other places to commit suicide.”

* People in Burnley and Pendle who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair and would like confidential, emotional support are advised to call the Samaritans on (01282) 694929.