JIMMY Carr says he is often asked by fans who his favourite comedian of all time is, and his answer is always the same – himself.

And it’s fair to say a packed-out King George’s Hall completely agreed.

Jimmy is not like your average comedian who tells long rambling stories that eventually arrive at a punch line.

His style is to fire quick jokes out like a machine gun.

It’s actually quite tiring to watch.

Jimmy is at ease on the stage, a theatre full of people doesn’t faze him, neither do the hecklers, last night of which there were many.

In fact he admitted he likes that bit the most.

Highlights included advice on the best (worst) chat-up lines and his 75 jokes in 10 minutes.

This man deserves a medal, he barely stops for breath.

But the best crowd pleasers were his unprepared comments.

A favourite moment was when he threatened to throw out a persistent heckler.

It’s plain to see why he calls himself the joke technician!