AN INNOVATIVE artist who fuses graffiti with Islamic script will paint his trademark spiritual murals on Burnley walls.

Birmingham-based Mohammed Ali, who has just returned from working in Toronto, Canada, is spend-ing three days in Burnley as part of the Love and Etiquette Foundation’s Jamaal project.

The “urban spiritual art”will be used to cover up daubings on the walls of buildings, in an area where there is a problem with graffiti.

Mohammed, who is due to exhibit his work in Melbourne, Australia, in the near future, said he will be painting a “message of unity” in Burnley.

He said: “One of my aims is to work on and not overlook grassroots projects like this one.

"The Love and Etiquette Foudation first invited me to Burnley a few months ago and I found them to be really good - for such a humble organisation they are focussed on using art to bring communities together and that’s what I’m all about.”

Rizwan Iqbal, of the Foun-dation, added: “The aim is to provide young people with an opportunity to produce two pieces of art that reflect a positive message from within Burnley.”

The project was launched by the artist with a presentation and seminar at Northbridge House Business Centre, Elm Street, Burnley, yesterday.

Anyone aged between 16 and 25, who wishes to paint with Mohammed is urged to contact the Love and Etiquette Foundation, which is supported by The Princes Trust, and found at website

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