A DRIVER has hit out at parents parking outside a Reedley school.

The motorist, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he was outraged by how long it took to get past Reedley Primary School on Monday.

He said: “It was disgusting yesterday and took 30 minutes to get through.

“One parent even stopped her car in the middle of the road, got out of the car to get her children, causing angry parents to vent their frustration out on her.

“Cars were parked at the sides, and had their doors open waiting for the children and ignoring cars trying to squeeze through.

“Also, parents and children could not walk past due to the cars parked on the pavements.”

The motorist added: “Teachers were sympathetic. One said they have complained to the council to no avail repeatedly.

“Parents are refusing to move their cars and are blocking access to driveways and even unadopted roads leading off Reedley Road.

“I saw cars on the pavements up to the wall. Children and the parents had to walk round the cars.

“The parents are unsympathetic and just block the roads so no car can travel up or down causing a complete standstill, as on Monday.

“Also irate drivers are refusing to give way to other cars, even when there is no room, forcing cars the other way to try and reverse.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Pauline McCormick, who represents Reedley ward, admits that the school is trying its best to sort out the situation.

She said: “The school headteacher has done everything including speaking to parents, writing letters to them and in the newsletter but it does not seem to do anything.

“I have been to a meeting at the school and with the police, but it is the parents of the children who are causing the problems.

“There is an exclusion zone where they cannot stop but they seem to still be doing it.

“It is ridiculous because all the parents want to do is park as close to the school. Sometimes they were their letting kids walk in the road.

“I have lived in this area for 47 years and I used to walk my daughter to school and then come back.

“The best solution is for people to walk to school.

“I appreciate some have to go to work but if they allow themselves more time and organise their day then it may be better.

“If someone could come up with other solutions then they should tell us to sort it.”

The Lancashire Telegraph tried to get in touch with the headteacher from the school but she was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.