A CONTROVERSIAL plot of land earmarked to become a travellers site in Burnley's housing future plan has been shunned by a government inspector.

Following an inspection of Burnley's Local Plan, which sets out space to build 2,483 homes across the borough, Burnley Council has been told the proposed gypsy and traveller accommodation site in Oswald Street would not provide an 'appropriate living environment'.

Several objections were made against the sites inclusion in the plan, which was a former gas works, and a petition with more than 560 signatures was started against the site.

Residents nearby believed the site was 'unhygienic' and 'unsafe' and could not be used as somewhere to live.

In order to ensure the examination can be completed, the council is proposing to prepare a separate gypsy and traveller site allocations development plan document.

The proposals plan was sent off to be looked at last year, following a consultation period, by an independent inspector.

Within the inspector Kevin Ward's reply letter, he said: "In association with the very close proximity of industrial uses, I consider that there would be an adverse impact on the living conditions of future occupiers of the gypsy and traveller site in terms of outlook, noise and disturbance.

"The site is close to the M65 Motorway and traffic noise from it is clearly audible, this is likely to affect the living conditions of those living in caravans on the site.

"Some further noise is likely from the railway line which runs to the east of the site."

The local plan, a 274-page document, released by Burnley Council, identifies several sites to be built on within the next 15 years.

Martyn Bell, who has campaigned against the local plan, said the plan should not be able to continue without being complete.

He said: "The plan is now fragmented, how can the council produce a separate document and carry on with the plan?

"The plan has been flawed from the start and this is just another example of that."

Cllr Sue Graham the executive member for regeneration and economic development for the council, said: "We've taken on board the issues raised by the inspector regarding the gypsy and travellers' accommodation.

"It's vital that the examination of the draft Local Plan continues without significant delay.

"Taking the course of action proposed enables the Local Plan process to proceed."