A MUM-OF-THREE has called on a council to deal with ‘inconsiderate’ dog owners who have failed to clean up waste near a primary school.

Sarah Jackson, 30, lives near Chatburn Road, Clitheroe said she is concerned about ‘children’s health’ after she regularly sees dog foul on the pavement leading up to Pendle Primary School, in Princess Avenue, Clitheroe.

Ms Jackson said she was aware people were walking in the mess after she herself was ‘annoyed’ when her pram wheels were covered in muck as she was walking from school to the town centre on Friday.

Mrs Jackson, 30, who lives just 100m away from the school, said: “I dropped something off at the school and left my car there.

“I walked into town and had to push my pram through the dog foul.

“I was just annoyed and it was the icing on the cake after a stressful morning.

“The last thing I need was to clean the pram wheels with baby wipes.

“It’s a common occurrence by the school and I have even seen dog foul immediately outside the school gates.

“I've even known school staff members having to clean it off my son’s shoes at the breakfast club.

“It’s disgusting and so inconsiderate when people can see it’s a school. It is disgusting.

"It's the lack of consideration.

“Something needs to be done about it.”

Cllr Allan Knox, who lives in Clitheroe and also is the leader of the borough's Liberal Democrats, called on for more dog wardens on the street to tackle the issue.

He said: “It seems very bad that this type of incident has happened in an area near the school where there will be a lot of young children.

“My bug bearer remains that there should be more dog wardens on the street dealing with this.”

A Pendle Primary School spokesman said staff and parents at the school were aware of the problem.

He said: “Dog foul should be cleaned up wherever it is, not just because it is outside our school.

“It’s not nice when children have to avoid it on their way to school.”