A SEX offender went "off the radar" after informing police he was homeless.

Blackburn magistrates heard under the terms of the sex offender register Francis Patrick Doherty was required to register with the police once a week having told them he was of no fixed address.

Doherty, 64, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with notification requirements. He was sent in custody to be sentenced at Burnley Crown Court on December 1.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Doherty had attended at Burnley police station and told them he was going to be of no fixed address. He was told that he would have to report to the police station every seven days but wasn't heard from again until he was arrested in the Manchester area.

Miss Allan said the last sentence Doherty received was 12 months for a breach of the requirements and he had 10 previous convictions for similar offences.